Monday, May 09, 2005

MEDC Day One

Well, I’m here in sunny Lost Wages.  I always have problems sleeping when I travel, so I was out walking the casino floor around midnight and ordering dinner at 1am.  The thing I love about Las Vegas is that, if you don’t have a watch, you really have no idea what time it is – the casino is open and running 24/7, and the only way to tell time is either by the restaurant closings or the kids walking outside the casino floor.

Anyway, it’s early on Day One (9am to be precise), and I’ve registered, gotten into the speaker lounge and been checking e-mail.  Bumped in to Mike Hall, who will be podcasting the whole time – minor setback when the podcast hardware room was burglarized, but we had the CSI crew in and should have the culprit in 40–50 minutes, depending on whether we’re the main or the sub plot.

Signed in and got my speaker gift – a USB key and a USB set of speakers (think they’re sending a message?  Next year, will it be Bluetooth stuff?).  Had some coffee in my new coffee mug, which was in the backpack they handed out, and some breakfast which was in the speaker room.  You know, I think I’ve figured out why these things are so bloody expensive…

More later…

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