Monday, May 09, 2005

MEDC - Day One Continued

Well, the first post that was supposed to go out this morning took a while – seems my blog posting software, BlogJet, was configured to use the internal MS proxy server rather than auto-detecting (which explains a lot).

Now it’s around 5pm – I’m running through my hands-on lab (HOL) to make sure it will work as advertised and get the kinks out of it.  After this is done (probably another 30 minutes or so – it’s going through FBA now), and I’m back up in the room to get ready for the MVP dinner.  We’ve invited 50–60 MVP’s and are going to put them in a room with a few MS folks, some food, and sharp knives – should be fun.

Today’s been a dead day other than prep work – tomorrow should be much more interesting, as that’s when the sessions and HOL’s start in earnest.

Oh, and one quick update – a few customers have reported to us that a feature update we put out last year to add Remote Desktop Protocol 5.2 to XPE SP1 was lost in XPE SP2.  I think I’ve reported on this in the past – indeed, SP2 didn’t include RDP 5.2, so we wound up updating XPE SP2 with RDP 5.1.  In any case, the RDP 5.2 component feature update for XPE SP2 is currently in test – reports are good so far, no major issues.  In fact, the biggest problem is that I forgot to give them the additional info document.  We should have this through component testing this week.


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