Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Day Two begins

You know, I wish I had something to report from this morning, but since I had no commitments until this afternoon, I spend the morning in a small poker tourney (placed 7th out of 30, top five paid).

However, I do have some info from last night’s Ask the Experts session, where I had a chance to talk to more than a few customers.  One thing that came up was using RDP to access a Minlogon XPE box – this cannot be done.  RDP requires a user with a password to authenticate – since Minlogon has no concept of a “user”, you can’t login to an XPE box based on Minlogon using RDP.  Also, the default RDP behaviour of only having one active session on XP Pro carries to XPE – you can’t have someone logged into the XPE machine directly and someone logged in remotely, and have them both working at the same time.  You’ll need to go with NetMeeting or some other alternative to provide for two people to access the machine simultaneously.

Look for more later…

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Anonymous said...

Well you know, there's always the dozen or so variants of vnc. I prefer ultravnc.