Thursday, November 03, 2005

Ford squeezes an office into a truck | CNET

While I'm normally excited to see technology spread into new areas, this one has me shuddering. You see, I ride a motorcycle ('96 Harley Davidson Wide Glide, in case you were interested), every day to and from work, rain or shine, day or night, hot or cold. I already have a tough enough time dealing with yuppies in BMW's talking on their cell phones on the highways and byways - now I'll have to deal with bubbas in F-350 duallies trying to make stock trades in the HOV lanes.

Add to that the fact they're using XP Pro rather than XP Embedded... Come on, guys! XPE was made for this application!

Ford squeezes an office into a truck | CNET


Anonymous said...

This is even worse news for those of us in Texas... :( Bob

Yuhong Bao said...

...unless it allows installing any application.