Tuesday, June 22, 2004

Well, Devcon is coming up fast - I'm busy putting the finishing touches on the last lab I'm doing (a basic XPE lab) and wanted to make sure the readers here that are going to Devcon know this:

Go to the Devcon Attendees site, and print out the materials for the labs and sessions you want to attend.

I can't stress this enough - we'll have copies of the materials on hand, but from what I know, there won't be a big binder full of content handed out this year. I might be wrong, but if you print out your own copies, you'll be sure to have them. Plus, there are last minute changes going on all the time, so if you print them the day before you arrive, you're sure to have the latest content.

Plus it saves me spending all day Monday printing up the latest copies of the lab manuals.

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