Thursday, February 22, 2007

Software patents

I hate software patents.

Ever since I read about some company owning a patent on XORing a cursor on and off the screen, I've been a software patent hater.  Software copyrighting - no problems, no issues.  Software patents - nothing but big paychecks for lawyers with more vocabulary than sense.

So, with a disdain for software patents in mind, head to Betanews to read the latest on Microsoft v. AT&T - apparently, lawyers are trying to get the Supreme Court to say that electrons are patentable.  The Supremes blaked at patenting photons, though...

Gut reaction?  MS got caught with their hands in the cookie jar, and is now trying to redefine "hands" and "cookie jar".  I wonder what the backlash will be - if MS wins, then sending copies of Vista CD's overseas won't be a license violation.  I'm not sure what MS is trying to win here, but they better be careful what they wish for.

My one wish is that the Supremes do tackle the issue of whether software in patentable.  Of course, given their track record the past few years, they may find patents are legal, and that the whole of the American population is in violation and owes fines to AT&T.

UPDATE: More on this case from ZDNet. tags: , ,

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