Thursday, June 16, 2005

June Security Updates Coming

I sent off the requests for the recent round of security updates on Tuesday – they’re working their way through the release process and should be available soon.  I’ll update the blog once they’re posted to the OEM Secure Site.

For the record, here is the list of updates that apply to XPE that we are releasing – remember, we only pick up Critical and Important fixes by default.

MS05-004, 887998 (reissue)YY
MS05-019, 893066 (reissue)YY
MS05-025, 883939YY
MS05-026, 896538YY
MS05-027, 896422YY
MS05-028, 896426YN
MS05-030, 897715YN

 One thing to note is that the MS05–004 reissue desktop update will be late getting to the site – I’m having problems identifying the correct updates for SP1 and SP2 (there are about 12 different packages to choose from).  Once I get them ID’d, I’ll get them out – expect them next week.

As for the component updates, there’s one final issue that needs to be investigated, but once that’s done, they should be ready for codesigning and release as well.  I’ll be expediting them once they’re OK’d by test.

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