Friday, March 25, 2005


New Blog

Have you checked out the new XP/LH Embedded Team blog yet?  You haven’t?  Why not?  Oh, I see, you’ve been busy.  Out of town, you say?  Off visiting the in-laws for a week?  Well, most libraries, even in that little town your spouse’s parents live in, have internet access – why not break away for a while and read some cool stuff?  You can’t tell me that your father-in-law account of the fish that got away is that compelling… :-)

If you haven’t checked out the newest blog on Embedded Avenue, you should.  Andy and Lynda from the test team have setup the blog as a clearinghouse for all the tribal knowledge collected over the past four years of XPE.  These tow guys know their stuff, and they know how to pass it on to other folks.  They also update it much more frequently than I update my blog :-(.

BTW, check out Andy’s post about Rawdeps and cooking.  There’s a bit of a contest at the bottom – i.e. you could win something.


For those of you way out of the loop, there’s a group formed last year called the Windows Embedded Developer’s Interest Group (WE-DIG for short).  It’s comprised of a bunch of embedded developer’s from our the Puget Sound who work with Microsoft Embedde technologies – XPE (of course – the only MS embedded OS that actually has embedded in it’s name), WinCE, PocketPC, and others like Media Center and Tablet.  We meet monthly on MS campus – you can register at our website for access to member only content, notifications of new meetings, and other interesting stuff.

Of course, if you don’t live within commuting distance from Redmond (heck, on bad days, people who live in Bellevue aren’t within commuting distance), then making the meetings is going to be tough.  That’s where registering on the website comes in – Mike Hall, our esteemed A/V nerd, videotapes every meeting, then dumps them to the website for the world to see.  Well, not the world – the WE-DIG registered users world.

And, if you’re planning on coming to MEDC in May down in Vegas (Vegas baby!), we’ll have our May meeting there.  I’m pushing to have it around the $5 blackjack tables, but am being overruled in favor of a quieter, more professional venue (to which I say: who is more professional than a Vegas blackjack dealer?)  You’ll get a chance to meet the board (including yours truly, the aforementioned Mike Hall, and a host of others – logon to find out who else is on the board), see what we do at meetings, and enter our monthly raffle to win some cool stuff.  What kind of cool stuff?  Well, in our first meeting, we gave away a Motorola MP200 phone – we haven’t hit that high again, but we do get books, dev kits, some HW, and general swag.

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