Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Cool new web site

This will go on the left in a few minutes - Sean Liming has a cool web site with some kick-ass tools on it. I'd be giving a look if I were you. His stuff is the best docs on XPE, and his latest toolkit is awesome, well worth the price of admission.


Anonymous said...

The contents list of the book looks good. Is the book really $360 (without the hardware) & only available via the online store?
Guess the extra cash is for the tools. Would be looking for a trial version before parting with this sort of cash.

Jon said...

I think the thing to look at isn't that it's a $360 book, but it's a book with extra tools. That money for a book is a bit steep - throw in some original development tools specific to XPE, and that becomes more reasonable.