Tuesday, September 07, 2004

WE-DIG Inaugural Meeting Summary

The first meeting of the Windows Embedded Developer's Interest Group (WE-DIG) was last Wednesday evening.  I would have posted a summary sooner, but shortly after the meeting, I was on vacation...

Anyway, the first meeting was focussed on Windows CE 5.0 - not exactly prime subject material for this blog.   We had Mark Miller (CE Architect) and Chip Schnarel (CE Group Program Manager) available for a Q&A session at the start of the meeting.  They were able to answer a lot of questions from the floor as well as some scripted interview questions.

The second half of the meeting was broken into a few sections.  First, we had some show and tell of some cool embedded devices (all CE based, I'm afraid), and some cool tools from Entrek.  We also had an open Q&A session where people brought up problems that had been plaguing them and we brainstormed some possible solutions.

At the very end (and here's the reason to show up if you're in Seattle) we had a drawing for some cool prizes.  The featured giveaways here were an HP 2210 iPaq and a Motorola 220 Smartphone, but there were t-shirts, hats, and some books being given away as well.  The meeting ran long, but there was pizza half way through, so it wasn't too bad.

Next months focus is on XPE, and if you're in Seattle, stop by - we'll be talking about XPE SP2, showing off some demos and hopefully making announcements about availability (hopefully).

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