Friday, September 05, 2003

Here is the first of what I hope to a set of weekly posts on the subject of Windows XP Embedded QFE's.

It's the rivetting tale of a young boy, set loose on the world with nothing but a dirty MS Natural Keyboard Pro and a talent for flipping bits, seeking his fortune in the workaday, hob-nob, up and down, in and out, business world. Using nothing but his keen eyes, freckled nose, and rather hair fingers, he captivates audiences world-wide with his nail-biting exploits, trying to feverishly patch operating systems and keep customers happy. I'm your host, Jon Fincher, Program Manager with the Windows Embedded team at Microsoft and XPE QFE Lead (a lofty title that conveys much glory, but very little booty). Try to hang on to the sides of the boat as we navigate these treacherous and exciting waters - I'm not coming back to pick up stragglers.

OK, so it's not William Burroughs, but it's a start. But why a blog? Well, I've written some columns for MSDN, which have been moderately well received. This blog is a personal venture (sanctioned by my boss, of course), and being so, I can be a little more relaxed and free flowing. Plus, in keeping with the spirit of the Internet, I figure if something is interesting to me, it must be interesting to everyone, enough to use up hard drive space on someone (else's) server. So I'm gonna write and talk and be painfully clever and exercise all the dry wit I learned watching BritComs and be wildly successful at it.... OK, maybe not, but if someone other than my immediate family members reads this blog, I'll score it as a victory.

We'll start with some meat in the next post - there are some stories to tell. Names will be changed to protect the innocent. Once again, I'm your host Noj Rehcnif - see you next time.

The jokes get better, I promise, just stay with me....

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